Cruz Quebrada

by Daymoon

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    Ajudem-nos a ajudar a associação pan-europeia EUROPACOLON no combate ao cancro digestivo! Obtenham o download do nosso álbum “Cruz Quebrada” a qualquer preço que acharem justo, a partir de um único euro. O nosso objetivo é angariar 2000 € para a EUROPACOLON até 12 de fevereiro de 2017, o aniversário da morte da mulher do nosso guitarrista e compositor. A música no álbum fala de cancro, da morte, da perda e da esperança.
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    Pan-European cancer fighters EUROPACOLON need your help! We've offered them our colon cancer awareness album 'Cruz Quebrada'. Help us help them, and download the album for any price you think is right, starting at a mere single euro coin. It is our aim to raise 2000 € by the
    12th of February 2017,
    when this download campaign will stop. This date is the anniversary of Inês's passing away. Our deeply personal album is about her death, and about band leader Fred Lessing's way into darkness, and eventually out of it.
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Help us proof that a prog band can raise 2000 € for pan-European cancer fighters Europacolon by 12 February 2017, the anniversary of Fred's wife's death from colon cancer! Cruz Quebrada is a powerful and at times dark musical journey through cancer, death and a new life.


released February 24, 2016



all rights reserved


Daymoon Portugal

Portuguese transgressive rockers Daymoon aim to delight the world with an incoherent concoction of music from the across the past millennium. Or so. New album CRUZ QUEBRADA at

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Track Name: Fish Dissected
Ephemeral flowers and root words. Floating nowhere, where I wish I were for moments just
The wind turned south in the night sky, set the dormant town adrift on a waft of ancient air
In restless dreams of Egypt, nothing but the circle of my heart enclosed, in the warm womb of my mouth
The tiny summer of the lamp – in the dark blue of the room,
On the warm side of the window – it came as no surprise
When a fish swam by to materialise the dampness of my woolen trousers,
My grey wet hair, my lead-clad eyes.
Waiting out until one day, the sea, the sea recedes,
Return us to the light of day, all urgency is gone
Because time’s become finite, every yard’s short, by twenty-five hours it’s short
Now’s the one and only word … I can handle
Blind stumble, hooks of berries in the corner bruises of the lips
As the sky weeps brutal purple, tar on scorching pores.
Stumble blind, and onward we plunge on with the globe,
Pinned painfully into the uncaring geography of life
As time hurts us to the bone, as time hurts us to the bone
Hurts us to the bone...
Track Name: Where It Hurts Most
In the ultimate silence of the gathering dark, I moulded my words and rephrased the past
Godlike, my love, the world you had shaped. We were all at your feet, we were all your feat
You resolved us all, absolved our tears. You were the arrow and the anvil of fire pure
You moulded the world for us alone. Your light we absorbed and drank you dry like a stone
A thirst-ridden whirlwind of beggars we were. But now our house has grown still
Vast empty spaces that nothing can fill, you withered away into a speck of pain
The beggars vanished as if they’d never been, and the silence grows darker till my ears ring
I cupped my hands around your flame that never needed words
For a goddess sheds light.
The world retreats, I fight the dark, fill the stillness, your altar becomes the world
For the world became void when you left, and no angels will save me, so I rise and fight
Track Name: Shipwreck
After the Titanic sank, I swam for weeks on end against the ice-cold sea
Six weeks in the sea, was battered at last against a barren rock,
So here I squat now, growing a beard of icicles in the storm
That howls across the barren islet, and labour to obliterate...
Three kinds of grief: for those who have drowned
And those who live on, and for myself.
While far behind me, washed up on the shoreline,
All that I once loved is decaying now, to be discarded for good:
My case with the music in it, book with the words in it
My trunk with the recipes, my soul with all that I used to feel
So I start anew now in the frozen wasteland
For time is seemingly endless
Spit in your palms and rub your hands, there’s work to be done, old man!
Track Name: Whalebone
I look up from my Iris Murdoch novel into the fire-lit gloom
The photographs on the piano, the darkness of the room
The whalebone on the mantelpiece that we found back in 1985
On a grey beach in late December, when the world belonged to me and you
I take stock of all we’ve gathered
Each piece history while my heart slows down
All is said and all is done, and I am weary to the bone, so the suns sets on a long, long life
The rain outside howls around the house you built with your own hands
At the core of the world, the soothing sound of firewood, the Händel scores I still can’t play
The painting gear you’ve never used, a cooking book that’s still unopened,
Along with dramas from ancient Greece. Stephen’s paintings on our walls
Vanitas of aspirations come undone
All is said and all is done, and I am weary to the bone, so the suns sets on a long, long life
Imagine, if you will, a horror movie of the truly terrifying sort. Something evil is about to happen, and eventually it does. But your fear does not subside, for you're not even half-way through the movie, and each new wave of sheer panic is going to be worse. Now stretch this movie over months and years.
Time is not a healer; it grates the core of your soul down to a hollow depression that darkens, deepens you forever.
All is said and all is done, and I am weary to the bone, and the suns sets on a long, long life
All is said and all is done, and I am weary to the bone, and the suns sets on a long, long life
Track Name: Thyme
'Wake up coffee cigarette. Check skin check garden check email. Not a thought of you... until: walk to grave pain cigarette. Dance with you and follow you beyond. But then someone says: Fuck the first 6 months, you fucking miserable sod. Spot-on, gentlemen, spot-on. You see, two years ago to the day was the happiest day in our life. Spot off, gentlemen, spot off please. Miserable sod. Fuck piss shit. The happiest day in our life. Wake up coffee cigarette. Check skin check garden check email. Not a thought of you... until:'

All that you were is still here. The silence, the clean empty house
The unkempt lawn, the wilting roses, your cats and your dresses and books
Summer is here again, without you without you within
The sky is wide, your eagle soars, the thyme on your grave’s taken roots
All that you were is in me. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you
You were me and I was you, now I’m nothing – the bleeding sky
I wish I could believe that we will meet again one warm sunny day
But we won’t, and all that I have are your pictures, perfumes and love
The evening sun streams through the blinds, fills the hospice room with liquid gold

The sun sets behind the half-drawn blinds, you hold your lover’s hands
His eyes stare blank at the corner wall, the serum drip drains into his veins
They told you that his time has come, his body’s lost the fight
You don’t even know if he knows you’re here, and here come the long, dark night

You can tell us by the darkness in our smile
We’ll be there for you when you need us in your darkest hour

I tell the old man that my wife has died, the flood gates open wide
His love of more than 55 years has cancer in her dying lungs
We look at each other in the gathering dark in the kitchen light
I know what’s coming and he knows I know
Our eyes turn dark, he says, ‘you’ve been there’

You can tell us by the darkness in our smile
We’ll be there for you when you need us in your darkest hour

I will hold you, I will swirl you | I will spin you, I will raise you high
I will hold you, I will swirl you | I will spin you, I will raise you into the Light
Dance with you, dance with me into the Light
Track Name: Over The Cliff
As I drive aimlessly along the late October coast under a dreamtime sky,
I finally see that there are three ways to settle this:
To accept death and live among ghosts forever.
Or to let her go - but she won’t go. So fuck myself and drown her with me –
Look my love, I drive hands-free at 110 mph!
Track Name: THE RIVER - Mummy
After months in the desert you turned into a mummy, but the river lies before you now.
And in you go into the stream, grow arms and fins, while cortex learns to breathe, cerebellum craves to fly.
One pulling forward to the land across, the other pulls down to darker bliss,
Wet willing mouth, red willing lips
Track Name: THE RIVER - The single-most expensive kiss
André and I went out in the dark rainy night, I was lost, the tears had dried in my eyes
The door drew us in, the red light outside, the bouncer said Welcome lads, this night is yours
The smoke was like fog, and the booze was golden and clear, everyone was staring at the girl on the pole
I said to myself, Well this ain’t what I need. The ginger girl said 'Welcome boys, this night we’re yours'

Sit back, old man, we’ll show you how it goes
When the world is dark and we know you’ll be saved by love

And there was Lilian, the biggest grin, an ocean-sized life, and all the other girls whose sad shattered souls
They shared with us, much better than a touch. The barman said, 'Come on lads, the drinks are on you'

Sit back, old man, we’ll show you how it goes
When the world is dark and we know you’ll be saved by love

The girl from the pole said 'Move away, I’ll show this old man, cause I know what he needs',
And she kissed me hard. The dam broke, my tears broke, my soul broke free
I thanked the girls, paid seventeen hundred, we went out into the dawn

Saw the sun rise red above the sleeping land, and I knew, I knew that all I need is Love
Track Name: THE RIVER - I Abraham
River narrows down into a somber pool, into the stillness of the cave, ancient drawings on stone
World-ends cast on rock in the stagnant air of doom. Why are you doing this? you ask.
To be blind and hide inside - I, Abraham, am more familiar with desolation
And a ghost as vast as history.
What must I sacrifice to roam this world again? What rituals must I perform to let her go?

I performed the rites to let go of her, my new hope, my daughter’s hope.
It hurts to the bone to let this go, what we might have become.
But the reptile brain is a predator, so I drink of this black river
Dark till the night fills all my soul. The sun won’t rise today
So I ate from the berries at the altar of farewells, and stole a kiss, the only kiss.
Her smile hid her eyes, she said, I knew.

The village idiot said, 'Bonne voyage!' Freedom’s just freefall through the black hole in the sky
When you have lived at close quarters with Death
I turned and walked away as all tomorrows faded. Back in black with the ghost that I know

My belongings drop away like skydivers, gone the car house job life my soul
None of it was mine to start off with, and senility now grimaces at me
I reboot to adolescence, I got nothing to give you but my bare naked skin. Full-on reboot
Track Name: THE RIVER - Ghost
The river sat the sun on me, spat me out, it spat me out again
Yesterday hurts so much today – wanted to give her my world
Share all that I have, give all that I am – but none of it is mine alone
Today it’s silent again, gone her voice, her lips and her eyes,
The river flows above the land in dark glory. So I darken myself to jump into the sky.
So I darken myself to jump into the black, black sky.
I travel light, I travel with a ghost, I travel light, I travel with a ghost
Track Name: THE RIVER - Severance & Down falls
So rarely now you join me in the tomb that I guard, to shed a tear with me for old times' sake, my roadside companion family of all these years through which we were there for each other.
But at the end of the day, you always return to the homes that you still have of un-severed lives, where every hour, every day have not been amputated.
You throw stones at me now, bible-loads of them, because I will no longer guard this tomb
For all the pay I that get is the deadly silence after the daytime crowd is gone, and I soak your popcorn in my tears. The doors are open, the river is wide
Track Name: THE RIVER - Indian white
The dark wild waters of passion and despair had flushed my soul -
The earthquake was over. I woke in a canoe, swaying on the river
My mourning had changed to Indian white. With a post-fever ache, I sat up
In the distance the canyon widened out to an uncharted land with brand-new mountains
A sky the promise of a million new weathers. My mourning had changed to Indian white.
I pick up the paddle and begin to row. There’s work to be done, stand up.
Track Name: THE RIVER - Onward
You jumped in the river and you joined me, sailed this house with me through the rapids
Into the brackish waters of the desert and the maze of canals in the jungle
Plunged down the falls of darkness till the world was upside down
And I was but a shipwreck

I've crossed the river and lie panting next to you, the pain is gone,
The far bank of the river is the far bank now: I see the hole left by the foundations.
I truly loved her.

And our three sweet daughters, so much alike, have moored the house to the riverbank:
Let’s tow it up onto the dry land, Let us build our own foundations. I am ready.

Let me rest now beside you on the grass, I am out of breath. So let me look at you.
Good morning, my love