All Tomorrows

by Daymoon

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    Dear friends and fans,
    Despite everyone's amazing support and help, my wife Inês passed away on 13th February, 2012. This album expresses my eternal love for her.
    Fred Lessing
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    "One of the better progressive rock releases this year" Mark Johnson (
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And now to WHAT YOU NEVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS ALBUM, by the snooty author himself.

While being DAYMOON’s first-ever album to be released, this is actually my own 5th album (let know if you want one of them for free - they're utter crap though, believe me). All the ones before All Tomorrows were solo albums, with the occasional helping hand from guest musicians, and they never got released. I also took part in a few other Portuguese projects, e.g., Mispel Bellyful, Project Creation (very minor only), Flora Majora, Miosótis and SP'AM. You can find some of it in the Donwloads section on the Daymoon website at

Anyways, in the middle of the album before this one - Fabric of Space Divine (to be released into the great wide open this year still), I felt I'd had it with unreleasable music and quit all serious efforts to make serious music. Instead, I chose to play with myself in the studio, which by definition is an entertaining thing to do, and even more entertaining if you have a helping hand, hence I asked some very gifted musicians from all over the world to lend me their hands. Oddly enough, some people told me they liked the result of all this innuendoing, and so it came to pass that I delved headlong into music again.

Along came Ian Oakley, at the time manager of The Tangent, and put me in touch with Andy Tillison of The Tangent and PO90. Even more unexpectedly, Andy liked the album and accepted the challenge to produce this ambiguous little plaything. All of a sudden, invitations too came to perform this innuendo live, so I started looking for fellow musicians here in Portugal. And found the most amazing bunch of people!

In the meantime though, Andy told me rather head-scratchingly that most of my original recordings were really sloppily done, so I challenged my newly found live band pals to redo almost all of the flawed recordings. Which they did.

And so there you are: All Tomorrows is a solo album by Fred Lessing that half-way through turned into a band project, comprising an unwieldy mixture of files exchanged via the Internet, tracks recorded at my own studio, acoustic drums recorded at a proper studio, and all sorts of what-nots, then much of it redone by my new band, and all of it tamed and skillfully auralised by Andy Tillison, except for: "Sorry", the full credits for which go to Mats Johansson and Thomas Olsson of Swedish prog gods Isildurs Bane.

A handful of tracks on this album are rehashed and revamped songs from my previous, unreleasable albums, while most others are brand-new Love Songs for the love of my life, Inês. I hope you enjoy this odd mix, that has some prog on it, but not only, and not only not only not.

And should you in any way wonder about the music that I like, here is some of it: J.S. (and PDQ) Bach, Klaatu, Mike Batt, Peter Gabriel, Renaissance, Tom Waits, The Persuasions, Gavin Castleton, and then a very thick slice of progressive rock recorded after 1996. Not to mention Twin Peaks.

Next up, and at last: Fabric of Space Divine, or The History of the Universe as Profoundly Misunderstood by Fred Lessing.

Apart from that, we're already working a whole new album of brand-new stuff, working-titled "The Vivisector".

For more info on the people, songs and ideas on this album, other albums, more annoying gobbledeegook, and live dates, go to

Fred Lessing
Sintra, Portugal - June 2011

POST SCRIPTUM: My One & Only Love passed away on 13th Feb 2012. My All Tomorrows will have to be spent without her now.


released June 30, 2011

Produced by Fred Lessing. Co-produced, mixed, mastered and made much better by Andy Tillison. ‘Sorry’ produced, arranged and mixed by Mats Johansson and Thomas Olsson.
Performed by

DAYMOON (Portugal):
Fred Lessing – guitars, woodwinds, vocals, keyboards, ethnic instruments
Luís Estorninho – bass guitar
Adriano Pereira – reeds, backing vocals
Paulo Catroga – keyboards, backing vocals
Fernando Guiomar – guitars

Bruno Capelas (Portugal) – drums
Andy Tillison (UK) – keyboards, backing vocals
Pete Prown (USA) – guitar
Luca Calabrese (Italy) – French horn
Paulo Chagas (Portugal) – reeds & woodwinds
Hugo Flores (Portugal) – vocals
Mark Lee Fletcher (USA) – vocals
Thomas Olsson (Sweden) – guitar
Mats Johansson (Sweden) – keyboards
Jay Schankman (USA) – keyboards
M.ª João Tavares (Portugal) – clarinet
Inês Lessing (Portugal) – backing vocals
Don Allen (USA) - frantic shouting

Everything written for Inês by Fred.

© Fred Lessing 2011



all rights reserved


Daymoon Portugal

Portuguese transgressive rockers Daymoon aim to delight the world with an incoherent concoction of music from the across the past millennium. Or so. New album CRUZ QUEBRADA at

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Track Name: All Tomorrows
All tomorrows gone, all I’ve gathered - lost forever, all tomorrows gone

The time has come for me to die, my breath is slowing down now
The final word is left unsaid - there is no more tomorrow

All the things I have collected will be left behind to waste away
All the things I’ve learned and mastered will be gone in a moment

There’s no escape, I cannot hide - my heart is slowing down now (I’m so scared)
I know now there’s no other side once I close my fading eyes
Track Name: Human Again
Winds don't ever cease,
Ripples from shore to reeds
On into the barren heath
Frogs can live inside this drifting
Mirror of clouds
Underwater milder climates.
Sudden burst of sparrows
Darts across the lake
Boldly – takes my breath
Not enough though to be real:
Alien gift to the corner of my eye
No shelter to be found here for
Stalkers in the wind
We wait in vain to learn
From the lake and the fog
The warblers and the reeds
Sudden shift into the domes of desire
Half the soul dislocated:
Plunge, black avalanche
All-embracing down-the-mind
Dark fear in me - which soul is mine,
Which half am I?
Dug into soil, eyes devoted to the rain
Remember me
When the sun’s no comfort now
Dark fear in me - which soul is mine,
Which half am I?
Dug into soil, eyes devoted to the rain
Remember me when the sun's
No comfort now
When the sun is no comfort
The sun is no comfort,
The sun is no comfort now
We used watch our toys turn to dust
Make frogs burst to blood with cigarettes
This, or so, we tell each other
As if to state a cosy past
My fingers dug into the sour gravel
To become human again, human again
Remember me
When the sun is no comfort
The sun is no comfort
The sun is no comfort -
For such is the wheel of innocence
We'll become human again,
Human again...
Track Name: Marrakech
Good night. This house my own, with damp windows to the sea, the shell I'd always longed for, its definite silence, and all this time to be a hermit of delicate
private luxuries. White time for perfection and imperfection

Night flows in through the roof, full of dogs barking.
Distant noises ring in the darkness,
The light of my candle dies softly.

The cool air of the night
Compressed the tired light
Of the yellowish bulb,
Stars up in the sky sigh a frosty sigh.

My house stands in the plain lands
On rocky ground, here by the sea.
My little house stands near the Atlantic ocean
That in its cold emptiness
Breaks thundering on rocks.

And the night
Surrounds us strange and black
Like the far side of the moon.
Far from Marrakech in freezing emptiness
I'm lying here and listening into the night.

The radio speaks so Arabic in Marrakesh.
There's a camel in the desert
And it's walking to the beat,
There's an Arab on the camel
And he's walking to the beat too, yeah.
The radio speaks so Arabic:
‘White Time’
Track Name: Sorry
How to say sorry
Blank feeling like a pre-Euro coin now
...falls accidentally in my hands
What was this? What is it now?
Now is the second-to-last round
These are the final decades
...nothing but catastrophe can bring

Weeks blurring past like a speed train
The past a big bowl of mush
That pushes me back into the silent halls
of the mind

Sorry, I didn’t mean it
I’m just a little lame (lamb)
A halo of forgetfulness surrounds me
Sorry, I didn’t mean it,
I’m just getting dumb
Here I’m melting in the summer sun
Sorry, I didn’t mean it,
Cerebellum was taking over
Must have caught a trojan in my brain
Sorry, I didn’t mean it,
I grab the baseball stick and...

The violent need to
Feel someone’s cartilage yield
To bite through flesh
Kick bone to pulp
While thunderstorms rage
Inside your middle ear
And multiple heartbeats
Throb up your neck
Golden fireworks of violence
Bloom across your sight
A taste of burnt rubber
On a scorched lump of tongue

I don't speak, I don't think.
You try to call - I am a wall
Here I sit, after all
Less to say - so common now
I read mickey mouse while people die
Friends drown black, they're raging dry
I don't fight, I don't care
Faces and tears floating by
What I see is what I know
Is what I see is what I know

Broken flowers, falling towers
Does anything mean anything at all?
When they smile at you on the TV show
Does anything mean anything at all?
Track Name: Bell Jar
Once it was the dark of night,
Alleys with cobblestone
The foggy winter, not one soul,
The emptiness of wasted time
Hours spent alone with a leaking bottle,
Words bleeding from my hands,
The fast fast candle a state of mind,
And pain a shade of black and red

Days screamed between the nights,
And nights were waking pain
My soul was pinned on the edge of dawn,
Stretched along these endless hours
I lived in a dome, fed on childhood milk,
The air to stale to breathe
Complete isolation, yet I found my voice,
Left with nothing but a past of lies

All that we learn is bound to be wrong
Cause winds always turn
There's more than one song

3000 miles south from my home
I built a country of my own
Customs and speech become relative
When you understand that we're alone
Human nature's not beautiful,
But accidental as the rest
Nothing new expect to find,
It's all the stale air of domes

All that we learn is bound to be wrong
Cause winds always turn
There's more than one song

Later I learnt that the dome is made of
Confining memories
Learnt to forget the past
To breathe a stronger air
Maybe this ain't true, babe
Maybe it ain't as nice,
Maybe real-world colour is close to
grey, and the inner eye seeks for more

All that we learn is bound to be wrong
Cause winds always turn,
There's more than one song
All that we learn is bound to be wrong
Cause winds always turn,
There's more than one song
When human voices wake us up,
We drown anyway...
Track Name: First Rain
And all of a sudden the first
hard rain hits cedar and beech,
the last crimson flame of Autumn

It quenches, whips the soil into drains,
Hurls chestnuts down the mossy trunks,
and drowns ripe grains.
When the forest flattens under the brunt
The air is sea, a crushing hand

Then widen your eyes, breathe on your skin
The season of the soul is bidding you in.

The rain has ceased, there's light on the earth
The forest is breathing its loam-clad birth of
Autumn, carpets of fog wash low over roots
Through cold bracken and pearl from my boots.

It's been a long night
Track Name: Arklow
I usually watch and wait until I'm sure
I usually watch and wait until I'm sure
I usually watch and wait until I'm sure
I'm watching now, and now I'm sure:
This is Purgatory, this is Purgatory

Irish province, Arklow, the year's 2002
The salad dressing's vinaigrette
Whole-grain dijon mustard too
The sun won't set before eleven,
The wine's Australian, cheap and glorious too
Middle-class baby's hair gelled-up
Like Sting in Dune
How to be hip here, how to be anything?

The food is perfect, nothing happens,will ever.
Apartments in black-roofed developments by
The Irish seashore: that's the best that you can do.
Rod Stewart muzak. almost not there - forever.
Canned rebels, Bob Dylan Pie
Provence-style - give it an accent or two

While your Pakistani boss takes it out on you
(and you know that you'd do the same too)
The guy next table ingratiates the
Young Ukrainian waitress
Ignores his bland wife, no kids yet:
No money for Ukrainian babysitters,
Both groan while they eat

Black tiles on their heads, Candles in the sunlight
Burn till the weak sun goes down
Today and forever

Today and forever
Days like slime at the bottom of the harbour
Wait till it's eleven, so we can finally sleep
Till it all starts over again
In Purgatory, in Purgatory, in Purgatory

After the plane crashed into the factory, the town shook hard and houses came down.
I met God in the hotel lift, his face made of ebony
3 tears rolled down my face...
And all my life rolled into 1 -
I was a boy again, you were a girl again:
Finally our histories entwined
And we became 1...
Track Name: News From The Outside
Night games, jammed doors: you play outside,
I play inside: touching the wall
Night moths you brought lovingly, you bring
to me, never reaching me

You're nothing but your coal eyes, and I can
only see the night that erases your face
Here's news from the outside

Quiet and silent overnight, upon the wind,
upon the edge it's been shed
Wide blue lightning howls along the brim,
the razor edge of colourless words

You're nothing but your coal eyes, and I can
only see the night that erases your face
Here's news from the outside

Two eyes made of coal try to decode, to ride
from here into the heat
News from the outside - the word for today,
to ride from here: return to sender
Track Name: The Sum
From the inside of a nightmare
I know yours ain't any better.
Pictures burning fast, but they don't stop.
Taken by the waters I stumble, I turn.
Days are lightning, you scream too fast

Touch sensation, making love and walk on air
Fast elation, silken skin and fragrant hair
Desperation, unaware of stiller ways
Desolation, your absence for a hundred days
Weather station, static waves of undertow
Invocation, monochromatic picture show
Incantation, lover of a thousand lights
Celebration of a million golden nights

Sometimes the heart lies open
Like a flower blessed by rain
These are the moments when we can let go
That’s the moment when some choose God,
And others choose to do good
These are the moments when we can choose
Why give myself to a concept?
Why look so far away?
Why not to choose to love the ones that care?
When this moment came to me,
I knew I was ready to give
And I gave you all my heart

Hold on, you said, but I could not hold myself.
Then leave me, you said, but I'd fallen far behind.
Take me, I said, and your eyes were golden globes.
See now, you said, and filled the darkness of my mind

Believe me, I said,
There shall be no Pavlov love.
Pray hear, she said, no more words of incantation.
Take me, I said and your eyes were golden globes.
See now, you said, and filled the darkness of my mind

The radiance of you, when Orion fills the night
I'll learn the sky anew and I breathe you